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Cosmetic Surgery isn’t just for Beautification

In different parts of the world, cosmetic surgery is extremely popular, particularly in the US. It is not only used to reverse aging and restore beauty but there are several unknown reasons why people go through such. Aside from the couple of reasons for performing the procedure, we will be discussing other applications that it can be used. I highly recommend that you keep reading if you wish to learn more about this.

Breast augmentation – by far, this is the most common procedures done in cosmetic surgery. The sale of implants increases fast due to the number of reported breast cancer cases. Breast cancer survivor’s body contour can be restored through implants which is also a widely accepted practice as of late.

On the contrary, breast reduction is carried out to women as a way to prevent and treat back ailments that have been caused by heavy weight of the breasts. Then again, breast lifts are done on women who suffered from significant weight loss and those who suffer from the loss of elasticity in their bosoms. These gastric bypass patients frequently undergo several cosmetic surgeries which lead to weakened muscle tone, excess skin and several other issues.

Facial cosmetic surgeries – reconstructive plastic surgery is routinely done on men and women, regardless of the age. In correcting sleep apnea and other known breathing difficulties caused by nasal obstructions and abnormalities, nose jobs or rhinoplasty are often suggested.

Plastic surgeons do skin removal on part of the face and with the long years of experience they have in reconstructive surgery, it has helped them to speed up repair and minimize potential damage to the skin.

Palate repair and cleft lip is quite common procedures carried out by plastic surgeons. These malformations impair patient’s ability to communicate and eat, creating a need for medical reconstruction.

Other reconstructive procedures – it is pretty common amongst trauma patients to undergo the knife and have reconstruction from a plastic surgeon. Rebuilding the bone structure and repairing the skin surface are the medical necessities for patients. Burn victims can be suggested to undergo reconstructive procedure by plastic surgeons as well.

The odds of insurance covering the cost of cosmetic surgeries for medical needs is high which depend on the existing coverage that the person has. If for example that the procedure is not elective but instead used to correct, treat or cure a medical problem or ailment, this puts the procedure in a different category in the insurance companies.

In most cases, surgeons are explaining to the insurance companies why the need for the procedure is required and that is when the insurer will cover part or full cost of the bill.

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